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    A Fighting Stance

    Children's chapter book. The first in the Jeremy Pratt series.

    What else could Jeremy Pratt do? It was all he could do to keep his mouth shut. Well, it would be, if he could keep his mouth shut. But mouth-shutting was not a skill Jeremy Pratt ever learned.


    He had wanted to stay in England. But he was kidnapped by his both of his parents and taken to Canada to live in a prison in Manitoba. That's how Jeremy tells it. "Kidnapped and emigrated are synonyms, surely. It stands to reason," he says.
    Now, he has one or two really good friends in Canada. But there's a gang of bullies after him. It just goes from bad to worse. First being kidnapped, then bullied.
    Jeremy has had enough of being pushed around. And now they're after his friends too?

    It's time to push back.
    It's time to take A Fighting Stance.

    Godfrid Forke and the Secret Society of

    Tumblers, Minstrels, and Thespians

    A short story collection: fantasy/humor

    Troupes of entertainers are making the rounds. At night, people gather to watch the good Bob Parfin facing off against the evil Sheriff of Warptonshire. Women swoon at his name and men and faery folk alike want to be him. But Under Sheriff Godfrid Forke knows that Bob Parfin is the most brutal of all villains. Because he has met him. He has fought him. He has seen the devastation.


    Trolls and elves are working together to on elaborate schemes to separate good people from their money. Is there more to the cozeners' schemes? Minstrels and thespians put on crowd pleasing shows. But is there more to them than just entertainment?


    And amidst all this chaos, Lord Dyster is under threat from an assassin's bullet. The future doesn't look bright, because all that stands between Lord Dyster's safety and the whispers of the conspiratorial travelling entertainers and conmen is Godfrid Forke and his handful of misfit soldiers...and a delusional imp called Captain Diddley.


    Gunpowder Plot

    Children's chapter book. The second in the Jeremy Pratt series.

    Jeremy doesn't just want fireworks, he needs them. Guy Fawkes Night without fireworks would be like Christmas without a tree with tons and tons of presents under it. It stands to reason.

    But, fireworks require money. Jeremy doesn't have much mon-ey. He spends his pocket money right away on sweets and comics. The best way to raise money for Guy Fawkes Night is to do Penny for the Guy. It worked every time for him when he lived in England. But everyone and everything seems to be out to stop him—including the police.

    Will Jeremy let down his family and friends? Or will he be able to get fireworks in time to save his first Guy Fawkes Night in Canada?


    Even More To Come!!!! Stay Tuned!

    "Motley's Crew and other Stories"

    "Jeremy's Summer Shorts"

    About the Author

    Mark David Stallard defected from the moderate climes of Southern England, preferring the swarms of blood sucking mosquitoes and arctic snow of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Knowing that one day he would be an author, he filled his resumé with the wildest range of day jobs, including carpet fitting, landscape gardening, graveyard maintenance, bakery supervisor, Illustrator, animator, musician, singer/songwriter, and he even worked in an abattoir for three whole days. For decades settled down as an IT professional, which is not as glamourous as the other jobs, but far more pleasant than working in an abattoir. And of course he is co-host of The Invisible Man Show.

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