SONG CLUB REVIEW: “Danger” by Brandi Vezina

by Mark David Stallard

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 SONG CLUB REVIEW: “Danger” by Brandi Vezina

(This post is based on the script Mark David Stallard wrote for The Invisible Song Club live show.)


“Danger” is a warm country song, with a little something different. 

It starts of slow, with a guitar strum and another guitar picking out a rhythmic Latin melody. Which might have been lifted from an old Clint Eastward spaghetti western. But The intro offers more. There is a well placed, subtle steel guitar sliding through the opening chords, which keeps the song grounded as a country tune. The two styles work so well together. If Latin Country or Country Latin is not already a genre of its own, it really should be. 

Brandi’s warm voice carries the melody flawlessly with a fair bit of emotion. As she sings through the first verse, which I think is actually the chorus, the rhythm picks up and you can really hear her perfect country voice. There’s some Dolly Parton influence there I suspect. 

The song moves into the next verse, and it becomes a much more country-esque with the steel guitar moving up front, and a fairly simple drum arrangement. The meter of the vocals changes, with a slightly faster paced staccato delivery, which helps continue to drive up the tenson. 

Starting the song with a slow version of the chorus tells us exactly what the song is about. But a good chorus should resolve the tension, or at least give us some release. 

So when the chorus comes in at full speed after the first verse, it’s basically the same melody, but it somehow has the opposite effect. It does actually does address the tension and brings us satisfyingly in to land. 

The song has a short instrumental break with a guitar picking out a few key notes and the steel guitar playing over, complimenting each other. 

After the chorus is repeated, the song slows down and ends much as it started, creating a nice bookend to a very nice song. 

Of course, the lyrics are important in this song. It’s about missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. The song sings a warning which is powerful. Particularly the second verse.

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It’s a well executed piece of music, and really powerful song. I’m certain Brandi Vezina is going to be huge. 

-- Mark David Stallard