Member Review: "High School Dropout" by Neon Dreams & "Alone" by Allanah Jeffreys

by Elna

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Member Review: "High School Dropout" by Neon Dreams & "Alone" by Allanah Jeffreys

Elna Swanepoel is a regular member of the song Club. She wrote reviews for this week’s featured songs for Angela and Mark to read out on air. However, the format she wrote them in was a little difficult to read out in full, so we only read out a synopsis. Here are both of her reviews in full for “High School Dropout” by Neon Dreams and “Alone” by Allanah Jeffreys. (Original text was written by Elna, but edited by Mark David Stallard for clarity)

Elna's review of “High School Dropout”.

The beginning of the song is a bit weird until the lyrics start. I'm not into the song at this point, as I thought the song would have the same weird melody. But I realize it fits the lyrics now and brings everything together, surprisingly. 

Its upbeat and I find myself dancing to it.

The song is about a guy or girl ( ill do the non-gender thing here) that dropped out of school. And in the end reached full potential. I find it kind of inspirational. 

Lyrics... and what message i got from it. 

Oh, get your head up, get your head in the clouds

Keep on dreaming, keep on dreaming out loud

Is a clear way to say follow ur dreams and don't give up ... but in a sort of sarcastic way he says don't take his word for it...and with the next lines he tells u why 

I'm just a high school dropout

It's funny how it turned around

Just a burnout

Tell me who's laughing now

I was tripping, I was tripping tryna fill those shoes

Let's be honest

One size don't fit all, that's the truth

Nobody is the same and he felt he was boxed in, living and following the norm...

Out here living my best life

Fly high, I can kiss the sky, close my eyes and I know that we gon' be alright

Tells me he’s happy in what he achieved and wants the world to know that's why he’s singing the song now...

He’s making fun off all the people that made fun of him when he dropped out. Stating he’s better off than they are. Things turned around....

Keep on dreaming, keep on dreaming out loud

Again, he tells his audience to follow their dreams with more passion than the first time...

Overall it is a feel good song. I enjoyed it and yes, I danced to it. 

Sorry to all Bee Gees fans but I'mreplacing "Staying Alive" with this song and let John Travolta walk the streets with it. 

Elna's review of "Alone"

I feel the music sets the mood for a very emotional Rollercoaster ride, and I'm not disappointed with the lyrics that follows. Here is my take on it and how I got the message. 

If you don't know by now

I can't change you

I got scars like everybody else

His attitude and coldness towards her.

But you're loaded and you're reckless

You say I hold you back

The manipulation and mental abuse.

You say it's over when it's not

To me the artist is setting the plot of the song in the first lines.

You play games with my heart and I think that you like it

Mind games telling her it won't happen again but she knows better.

But I keep comin' back, and when I swear

This is the last time

Your eyes are so defensive and cold

I never seem to let you go

But she's already in his web and can't, or should I rather say, are tot scared to let go...

I pulled the bullet straight out of my own chest

I can't remember when I had a night of rest

And I can't get over you, lord what am I supposed to do

Until then I'm just a slave to your heartbreak games

Feeling trapped. She also feels hope... one day.

You crawl, crawl underneath my skin

I get the feeling she loves him even if it’s clear there isn’t any on his side. He’s using her.

And then you tear me limb from limb

In front of my friends in a public place (in a public place)

And in this line its clear he doesn't just abuse her in private. He goes beyond that to in front of friends.

And when you break down, I rebuild you

Elna: But she's the one that picks him up giving him support.

Still cut and bruised from the night before

Is this just a dream, how can this all be real?

After getting used as a punching bag, she's there for him. Clear sign of how mental abuse and manipulation works.

Still, I keep on crawling back for more

(Still I keep on crawling back for more)

She holds on outa fear and again the chorus tells us why. TThe rest of the song is a repeat but a strong one. Her inner battle with herself. Her struggles and fear that she will end up ALONE.

Mark well done this is truly a powerful choice. I’ve got mixed emotions.... I’ve been in such a relationship but at the same time it makes me proud that I had the courage to step away.

-- Elna Swanepoel

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